Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cole Graduated!

Cole was tested again yesterday to see if he qualified for Speech Therapy (again since we moved to another region). He measured right on age (28 mos)!!! He has well over 50 words and is making sooo many sentences. He's definitely had a language explosion. Here's a few of his new words/comments:

"Where's Daddy at?"
"Come on!"
"I wanna go!" (as he holds on to my leg when I leave to go somewhere)
"ooops! I go poo poo!"
(In a store bathroom), "Oooh, Mommy go poo poo? No? Ohhh...Mommy go PEE PEE!"
Baby Food
Thank you Mama

He's sooo funny!! I just love this little guy!!! He's glued to me these days and I'm so glad to be home with him!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

HEaring appointment

Cole had his hearing appointment today. He is perfect!! No fluid on ears & can hear as low as 10 decibals. Normal is 10-20. He wore headphones & the talked into them at different volumes. He had to point to items on a board. He even knew what an ice cream cone was...we were shocked. He's never had an ice cream cone! Then he was given directions to stack blocks when he heard a whistle. He did it! So smart!!!

The audiologist thinks his hearing is just fine and that he is overall just fine!!!

His EI evaluation is next thursday 3/12! More updates then!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

24 month appt

Height: 38.75 inches (with shoes...about 37 with out) Over 95th %
Weight: 30 lbs About 60th %

He does have a speech delay. We are having his ears checked out and having him tested for Speech Therapy. It's a little scary, but we think he is just perfect no matter what! I really think he's just fine!!! He got one shot & will get another one in 6 mos!

Big little boy!!

Cole is 2!!!

Cole turned TWO YEARS OLD on February 11!!!! WOW!!!

We had his b-day party on Saturday, February 7th. It was Thomas the Train themed. He LOVES trains. I'm not a big fan of trains, but you can't change your kiddo's minds!

We had a great train cake that our family friend Rita made for us (tradition) as well as pizza & ice cream. Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Jess & Danielle, Mimi & Papa, Uncle Jeff, Auntie Kendra, Garrett & GAvin, Gladys, LaDonna & Mackenzie were all present.

Cole got a ton of trains, trucks, cars, books & leggos. He was enjoying playing with them when he threw up EVERYWHERE! He got a stomach bug. He continued throwing up every hour until 5am. He slept in bed with Justin & I for the first time. It was VERY scary!! He's doing much better now though!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This evening we went to see Santa at Mimi's work, (Waggoner National Bank). Cole saw Santa last year & thought he was ok (he was 10 months old). This year was a different story. We have been talking about how cool Santa was for a few months now. He can identify santa anywhere and even tries to say it..."SSSSSSS....ADN". I thought FOR SURE he would like him. He waited in line patiently with Mimi & Natalie. The minute it was time...I picked him up & put him on Santa's lap and he CATAPULTED out of there screaming. Everyone stopped and stared. I guess its not normal for Vernon people to be scared of santa?? (can you tell I thought they were being rude??) He would NOT do it! I finally managed to sit next to Santa and Cole KIND OF stood there too. We're going to try again next week in Wichita Falls. Here's a pic...and I had to add one of Cole's cousins...too cute!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Watching the Charlie Brown Pumpkin Movie's chilly!

I love my Jack-o-lantern!

Going to Mimi & Papa's

I'm here...ready to give out candy!

Hello Pumpkin!

Mommy, Natalie & Cole cleaning the pumpkin
EWWW...(he hated his hands that dirty!)

Big ole pumpkin


We had fun for Halloween this year! Surprisingly it was just Cole, no baby sister yet! We started out carving a pumpkin and then started trick or treating. It has been tradition to start at Donna Stribling's house. Donna is the mother of one of Justin's friends from it was his tradition too. She makes the BEST cookies and popcorn balls...not to mention the TONS of candy she always gives out (I'm talking...hundreds of dollars of candy). I did NOT take a picture (oops). Then we went to a couple of my friends' houses & to Mimi & Papa's where we saw cousins Garrett & Gavin. After that, we went to Justin's boss's house where they made a spooky house (porch). Cole was so scared he wanted me to carry him the whole time. We ended the night watching the Charlie Brown Pumpkin show! I bought the 3 holiday we'll make this a tradition too!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cole as Mickey Mouse!

Cole decided he wanted to be "tootles" for Halloween! I made the costume with random things (sweat pants, long sleeve shirt, stick on foam buttons, women's socks, toboggan and mouse ears). It turned out PERFECT! Once he realized he really was tootles...he LOVED it!!!